Company Profile

        Xiamen Chans Wood & Machinery Co.,Ltd. Specializes in waste wood and plant fiber recycling.

        The founder Mr. Chen Guoshu has been long-time dealt with artificial board, especially for waste wood and plant fiber, in which aspect he has systematically studied and also got great achievements that he designed the presswood pallet production line successfully.

        Hi-qualified end product is derived from advanced production technologies and quality production equipments. With the two unique advantages, we are confident that we can go far in the field of presswood pallet production. The investors who are interested in producing presswood pallet and eco-friendly industries will receive the most satisfactory products and services from us. We provide the following services:
        lPresswood Pallet
        lPresswood Pallet Production Line
        lTechnology Transfer
        The production line includes: raw material preparing, drying, mixing, forming, feeding, hot pressing and unloading sections. The whole line realizes automatic operation. In 2002, the first production line was established and until nowadays, it still runs stably in good conditions. If old wooden pallet and furniture are used as raw material, we will equip special equipment to separate the metal objects, such as iron nail, so that to avoid the follow-up equipments from being damaged.
        We also design and produce any kinds of press, especially door skin press, double and single face short cycle lamination press for floor, furniture board, walls, interior door and ketchen cabinets, etc. We supply high quality machine only.
        When you visit our website and contact us, it is just the beginning of our win-win cooperation. Let us work hard together for environmental protection industry.

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