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        • Name: customed compressed wood pallet easy stack and transport
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        • Added time: 2017-12-20
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        Pallet size:
        1100x800x135mm        1100x900x135mm        1130x1130x135mm
        1100x1200x135mm      1200x1300x135mm      1200x900x135mm
        1100x1100x135mm      1200x1000x135mm      1200x1200x135mm
        1300x880x135mm        1000x900x135mm        1200x800x135mm
        What is Presswood?
        Presswood pallets are manufactured in modern facilities, using the "chipboard process". The pallets are manufactured from recycled raw materials, which may comprise of wood shavings, ex-construction timber, waste wood and even old timber pallets, and also some other industry waste. Not only does this keep the unit cost to a minimum but also helps to protect our environment. 
        Recycled wood is chipped to a certain size, while powerful magnets extract all metal components before the wood chips are dried and mixed with resin. The chip and resin mixture is then sprinkled into molds where it is pressed under high temperature and pressure . This process bonds the resin through the wood chips to provide improved water resistance for the finished pallets - It is also the intense heat and pressure which eliminates the need to have the pallets specially treated for exports to many countries and other ISMP 15 countries. Throughout the process modern testing equipment is used to ensure quality control at all stages. 
        ·         Reduces storage space, it is nestable and stackable.
        ·         Much lighter than hardwood pallets, which reduces freight cost.
        ·         Easy hand pallet truck access
        ·         4 way entry
        ·         No nails and any metal
        ·         Water proof
        ·         Moisture content is at 3% or lower
        ·         Guaranteed free from barks, molds and fungus
        ·         Dynamic load 1300 kgs,static load over 3000 kgs. It can be heavier as per requirement.
        ·         Formaldehyde emission E1
        ·         Sustainable supply and a guaranteed standard quality
        ·         Exact size eases vehicle and container loading
        ·         Pallets conform with ISPM 15, certified for world-wide exports
        ·         Pallet meets EC packaging regulations
        ·         All components are completely biodegradable
        ISPM 15
        International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures Number 15
        Commonly known as ISPM 15, is a United Nations standard that was adopted in 2002 to reduce the risk of introducing plant pests, including pathogens, that can be detrimental to agriculture and to natural, cultivated, and urban forest resources. More than 125 countries have implemented the U.N. standard, including SA ISMP-15 is now also recognized by the World Trade Organization (WTO)
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