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        Presswood Pallet:
        1. Nestable: 4-way Entry
        2. High density: 800kg/m3
        3. Economical and eco-friendly
        4. Fumigation-free

        Presswood Pallet :
        Presswood pallets are designed as an alternative for wooden and plastic pallets. Wooden pallets are often subjucted to the strict import restriction, and plastic pallets are subjected to environmental accusations. Made from recycled wood fibers, eco-friendly synthetic resin and other raw material, our pallets are both economical and eco-friendly.

        1. Nestable: 4-way Entry.

        2. High density: 800kg/m3

        3.  Waterproof, antiseptic, insect-preventive, low flammable and suitable for out-door use.

        4.  Eco-friendly (E2) and 100% degradable.

        5. Fumigation-free: Our molded pallets are made of wood fibers by high pressure and high temperature during production. They are resin bonded and are fungus and pest resistance. No fumigations or heat treatment are required for exporting to countries complying to ISPM15 Guidelines.

        6. The reasonable design makes our products have the advantage of saving storage space, light weight and elegant appearance.

        7. High loading capacity, strong and durable physical properties, and long service life.

        8. Formed by one time molding, without any metal parts.

        Product Size: 1000*1200*135mm, 1100*1100*135mm, 1200*800*135mm
        Look forward to hearing your kind inquiry on our presswood pallet. Thank you very much.

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